Fiction Dance

Practice Makes Epic!


I would just like to say how much my children enjoy Fiction Dance not only have they gained confidence and new skills but they have also gained good friends. It’s a really good thing as a parent to become involved in the Fiction family

Jenna Almond


I would just like to say that Fiction Dance is the best thing that has every happened to my 6 year old daughter.

When we went on holiday in 2011 my daughter wouldn’t get up and dance at all and she had very little confidence, however, since starting with Jo Bakhurst in Fiction Dance in 2012 her confidence has boosted so high that when we went on our 2012 summer holiday my daughter was straight up on that dance floor dancing away . I also started with Fiction Dance in 2012 in the “Adult Street Dance” and have found it amazing fun, as well as a source of helping to lose weight through dancing. Fiction Dance really is the best thing to happen to my daughter but also to me. We have both made some fantastic friends along the way and I’m so grateful that there are still groups like Fiction Dance around as it’s nice to see the raw talent in the young children and also in the older classes too.

Thank you Fiction Dance

Jennie Thwaites


When I started Fiction Dance I was a bit shy, I wouldn’t have just got up in front a crowd and danced, I didn’t even know I could dance but then Fiction Dance gave me confidence by giving students opportunities to dance at shows as well as acting and drama lessons. Fiction Dance helps and believes in their student, That’s why I can proudly say that each and every person involved in Fiction Dance is like a member of my family, some may even call it a second home.

Lee Almond (age 16)


Thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls at the Fiction Dance workshop today, they loved every minute of it, thanks Jo and friends.

Karen Parrot


“I love coming to dance on a Tuesday, it’s so much fun and everyone in my class gets on really well and we look forward to putting on the shows. Because of coming to dance I’ve realised how much I love performing and I’m now studying dance at Hertford Regional College”

Adam Hayward (Age 16)


“My daughter Despina has been a member of Fiction Dance for about three years now. I have seen a big improvement in her confidence as well as her dance ability.”

Lena Papapetrou


“Holly has been coming to dance for over three years. Since starting, she has made a lot of new friends that are from different schools. Holly is always very excited on a Tuesday to go to dancing and to see her friends. She has recently started the ballet/tap lessons and drama and loves them just as much as the street dance. I hope that Fiction Dance is able to put on some more classes in the half terms and summer holidays as Holly can get quite bored.”

Tracey Northcott


“Me and my little sister have been coming to dance for ages. Were in different classes so do different dances but then we show each other when we get home and we put on shows for our mum and dad.

Sometimes I might get stuck on one of the dance moves but the older ones in my group will help me when we have our break and practise.”

Luci Arnold (age 13)


Jo and her team at Fiction Dance were fantastic.  Jo ran a session for our 2-3 year olds at the children’s centre during a stay n play, and she interacted with the children really well.  She used instruments and props that the children really liked.  We have asked her to come back in the summer holidays, to run a Street Dance session for our older children.  All the staff are qualified and CRB checked.  Fiction Dance run their session from the local community hall, and many of our families have now enrolled with them.


Lyn Hayward

Children Centre Facilitator/Outreach Worker

Honilands Children Centre